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Maintaining the exterior of your home in Chicago!

Chicago Painters Exterior Maintenance

Chicago can be one of the toughest areas on your exterior paint. From the 95+ degree summers to the sub-zero winter temps, it can definitely take a toll on your exterior paint. Have you ever wondered how often you should be maintaining or repainting the exterior of your home? It’s not unusual to run into a homeowner every now and then who says they haven’t painted their exterior for 20 years, why is that? You must be saying either that paint job is long over-do or what kind of paint did they use that lasted so long? And what exactly did they do, if anything, to maintain a beautiful appearance for so long? The truth is ANY paint job can last 20 years if the job is done right and then properly maintained!

First on my list is proper preparation. Thorough cleaning, scraping, sanding, and spot priming are the basic essential keys to a log lasting paint job. It is extremely important that the surface is clean so that the fresh paint can adhere and bond properly. Painting over a dirty surface is a sure bet that you will have paint issues in the not so distant future.

Second, you should always opt for a top quality paint such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. It doesn’t make sense to skimp out on material since the majority of your cost is labor, so if you’re trying to save money on paint…you’re making a big mistake. Top quality paint has more titanium and resins which don’t fade as quickly and last much longer than cheaper paint. Two coats of quality paint should last you about 8-10 years but can last as long as 12-15 years or more if applied and maintained properly.

After a new paint job it’s very important is to keep any surface contaminants such as dirt, mildew, or moss off of painted surfaces by pressure washing or hand cleaning as needed generally once every year or two. If you’re experiencing any peeling paint it’s best to repair and touch these areas up as soon as possible, the longer you allow troubled surfaces to exist it will create progressive damage, so it’s better to handle it right away!

With just these few simple steps you can extend your paint life and make it last for many years! Make sure to call us, Chicago painting experts!

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Chicago Commercial Painters

Chicago Commercial Painters | Eco-Friendly Paint

Repainting your commercial property is an important project, and it is a project that you don’t want to trust to just anyone. There are dozens of Chicago commercial painters servicing the local area, but you want to find a painting company that can provide you with superior, professional results and that can complete the job in an expedited time frame. When you need to find the best painters in the Chicago area for smaller or larger needs alike, Greenworks Painting is the company to call.

Professional Results commercial painters working

At Greenworks Painting, we know that painting the interior or exterior of your business property can create a disruption in your business. You need to repaint your building, but you want to enjoy fast results. More than that, you want to enjoy high-quality results that create crisp edges and provide full coverage. Each of our craftsmen is a full-time professional with significant experience with both interior and exterior painting services. They can provide you with full coverage results, or you may request any number of faux finishes to take the look of your space to the next level. We can provide rag rolling, Venetian plaster and other finishes that can enhance the look of a retail, restaurant, office or other commercial space. Further, we only utilize eco-friendly paints and stains when possible. This ensures that the indoor air quality in your place of business remains safe and healthy for you, your employes and your customers or clients.

The Best Service

Our dedicated team of Chicago commercial painters will provide you with great results. Each of our craftsman is a true professional who strives to provide you with the amazing results. Our hiring process is stringent, and each employee is pre-screened and his experience in the industry is verified. Some painters are known for extending the completion of a project outward or for being less than professional on the job. Our goal, however, is to provide you with fast, beautiful results in a manner that is least disruptive to your business operations.

Greenworks Painting can provide you with a full range of commercial painting services. Whether your current painting needs are large or small in scope, we can handle the job. You can contact us today to schedule an on-site estimate, to learn more about the paints and stains we use and to explore how our services can help you to achieve the look you want in your space.

Chicago Residential Painting | Greenworks

Chicago Residential Painting | Eco-Friendly Paint!

In most homes across the Chicago area, many surfaces are painted and stained to create a gorgeous, decorative look. These surfaces may include drywall, trim, stair railings and more. Over time, these surfaces can become outdated and worn out with appearance, and repainting or re-staining them is a necessity. This can be quite a chore to undertake on your own, and many homeowners struggle to create straight, clean edges or to apply paint and stain evenly through their efforts. At Greenworks Painting, we offer you a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for updating the look of your home.

Total Home Solutionspainters
Greenworks Painting is a full-service Chicago residential painting company. We provide both interior and exterior painting services, making every effort to protect your furnishings and belongings while providing you with superior results. Before we begin, we will prepare the surfaces to be painted or stained. This may include repairing or patching drywall, replacing trim pieces on your home’s exterior that are in poor condition and more. In addition to painting walls, trim, siding and more, Greenworks Painting offers re-finishing services on cabinets, hand rails and other stained wood surfaces in your home. We utilize only the highest quality of paints and stains to ensure you enjoy long-lasting results from our efforts.

Environment Solutions You Can Depend On
There are many Chicago residential painting companies that you can call on for the services you need. Greenworks Painting, however, is one of the rare few companies in the area that has been serving residents for over twenty years. We utilize eco-friendly paints and stains when possible to ensure your home environment remains safe and healthy. Some paints and stains are known to decrease indoor air quality, and our eco-friendly solutions provide you with a healthy paint alternative that you can feel good about. Further, we are fully bonded, and we conduct a thorough background check on all of our skilled painters to ensure you enjoy the best results possible.

If you have the desire to update the look of your home’s interior or exterior, using the services of the skilled craftsman at Greenworks Painting is the clear choice. We provide you with a convenient and environmentally way to update the look of your home and get the results you want. Whether you only want one surface in your home refinished or you want to repaint every room, we are the company that can provide you with the ideal results. Contact us today for an in-home estimate.

Chicago Painters | Greenworks Painting, Inc.

Chicago Painters That Use Non-Toxic Paint

Greenworks Painting, Inc. provides the type of professional paint job expected by a homeowner. Michael Dugandzic, the owner of our prestigious and reputable company, takes a personal, hands-on approach to running our business. Our customers know they can rely on us to take care of the fine, detailed paint jobs they require. A client pays an affordable rate when hiring a PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) certified Painting Contractor to paint a home, office or business complex.

We Respect Property and Furnishings painting company

Our Chicago based painting team takes pride in the fact that we go out of our way to make sure that we protect furnishings and other possessions before we begin painting the interior of a home or office. We carefully cover every item with drop cloths and/or plastic to make sure one drop of paint doesn’t end up where it doesn’t belong. We utilize special red rosin paper to protect flooring that needs extra fortification.

Customers Never Need to Worry about Paint Fumes

We want to make sure our customers are 100 percent satisfied with every process of our work. We recognize the fact that some clients are sensitive to the smell of fresh paint. Customers who express their concerns do not need to worry because we will use indoor air purifiers that virtually eliminate all of the paint fumes from their homes.

We Provide Various Types of Interior Services for Residences and Businesses

Our customers receive unsurpassed interior paint jobs. In addition to professional painting, our clients have options to professionally stain or re-finish any of their woodwork including cabinets, handrails, and trim. Individuals who have recently purchased older homes can receive expert drywall and plaster repairs. Antiquated homes often have rooms containing cracked or peeling wallpaper. Homeowners can have the old wallpaper removed and replace it with new, contemporary wallpaper that makes the home look more modern. Additionally, plaster can take on a new look with our decorative/faux paint finishes.

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Morton Grove Painting | Greenworks

Interior and Exterior Morton Grove Painting

morton grove painting

Homeowners can rely on Greenworks Painting as a professional Morton Grove painting company that will meet all of their needs. We provide commercial and residential work and routinely paint interiors and exteriors. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and all of our work is guaranteed 100 percent. We focus on customer service and work hard to ensure satisfaction. Our team is comprised of the utmost professionals, and we finish jobs in a timely fashion. Our estimates are free and designed to make it easy for homeowners to see what the quote entails.

Our team focuses on residential and commercial painting. We routinely handle interior jobs. Painting the walls and ceilings in a home is a great way to prepare for a sale. Adding a few small improvements is an investment that pays great rewards. Our clients have access to a variety of quality products, and we can custom blend colors that are perfect for any room. We can handle entire homes or work on a room-by-room basis.

Exterior painting is another job that we handle for our residential clients. The Chicago weather gets severe, and most exteriors need to be touched up on a regular basis. We are experienced in exterior painting and use the highest quality products. All of our work is done to last, and we are a fully licensed Morton Grove painting company. We work in this neighborhood on a regular basis and are proud of the jobs we have done in the area.

Our commercial clients are sure to benefit from our free estimates and affordable prices. We routinely work on the commercial buildings in the area and help prepare companies for the retail trade. Keeping premises looking their best is essential for Morton Grove merchants, and we have a number of products that are perfect for our clients.

Home and business owners can also rely on our team to handle other odd jobs that come up during any of our projects. We routinely handle minor carpentry repairs and install new trim and molding. We also replace rotten wood that is encountered during exterior painting projects.

Homeowners can rely on this Morton Grove painting company to meet all of their needs. We are familiar with the area and fully insured. We routinely paint interiors and exteriors and offer free estimates for all of our residential customers. Our team works hard to ensure customer satisfaction.

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