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If you’re looking for a solution to your wrought iron painting, then look no further than Greenworks Painting, Inc.!

When dealing with the aggressive weather conditions in Chicago you might find that your exterior metal structures just don’t look too nice after a couple of Winter/Summer seasons. The extreme cold weather during the winter months can cause quite a bit of damage, especially if you are using salt (a big no-no) on your porch, not to mention the weight of snow and ice just sitting on the flat surfaces. Our summer months are also quite damaging to exterior surfaces due to high U.V. exposure and heat.

Wrought Iron Painting Chicago

Wrought Iron Painting of Condo Association Rusted Metal Porch

So what can you do?

Call Greenworks Painting, Inc! We use an extensive preparation method which is sure to keep your wrought iron looking beautiful and rust free for many years to come. Our standard preparation includes sanding and wire brushing any visable rusted areas and then we follow up with a rust dissolving solution which virtually eliminates all rust. We then prime all previously rusted surfaces (and any bare metal surfaces) with an industrial grade product that also has strong rust inhibitive properties. The finish coating we use is a industrial grade paint (Corotech Coatings) so durable that it is also used on off-shore oil rigs in the ocean. Not only have we found this to be a great system but it is also specified and recommended by a dedicated Benjamin Moore field specialist.

If you’re concerned about rust damaging your wrought iron porch, balcony, fence… then call Greenworks Painting, Inc. today for a Free Estimate!

We treat most rusted metal surfaces: porch – fence – hand rail – stairs/steps – balcony – deck – awning – floor


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