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Michael Dugandzic

My name is Michael Dugandzic, and I am the proud owner of Greenworks Painting, Inc. My goal is simple, to provide a interior and exterior painting service you will use for the rest of your life! I understand that in order to achieve this goal Greenworks Painting, Inc. must offer consistent quality, excellent service, and be priced competitive and fair. These core values are why I believe we’ve been the leading PDCA painting contractor serving Chicago and Northern Suburbs since 1991!

You’ll deal directly with me from start to completion of your project with no middle-man or outside person to deal with. We do not subcontract our work like many of our competitors.

Hire a Professional Company

Over the years, you’ll come to find that there are a wide range of factors that make an excellent painter. A painter’s overall experience, ability, skill level, motivation, character, knowledge, and professionalism should all be very important factors when you decide to hire any painting contractor.

Why such a wide range in my estimates, you ask? You’ll hear people say that painter “X” is expensive while painter “Y” and “Z” are cheaper.  Of course budget is a factor in anyone’s decision but many times there’s a reason for a significant difference from one estimate to the next, just make sure you don’t end up paying even more than the ‘expensive’ quote by hiring the wrong company. After hiring a professional once or twice, you’ll soon realize the middle priced or more expensive painter is the better painter who is typically professional and delivers quality work at a fair price. Experienced painters are actually more competitive because they get more work done in less time. They work efficiently and and minimize costly mistakes. The cheaper painting companies often don’t know how to accurately factor in all their costs and usually price the job too low which then gets them into trouble. Do you think they’ll want to lose money or work for free? When this happens the customer actually pays a higher price because the painter will probably do a rush job with sloppy work and will use low quality materials in order to cut corners. More than likely they will not return your phone calls or return to the job if there is a problem either.

Also very important, you will find that cheaper companies refuse to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance because it is rather expensive and is subject to annual internal wage audits (and by the way Illinois Law states that every employer must carry this insurance for their employees). Do you really want to trust or hire someone who is knowingly breaking the law and jeopardizing you and their workers?

Hire a professional, you won’t regret it! 



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