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If you’re looking for a solution to your wrought iron painting, then look no further than Greenworks Painting, Inc.!

When dealing with the aggressive weather conditions in the Chicago area you might find that your exterior metal structures just don’t look too nice after a couple of Winter/Summer seasons. The extreme cold weather during the winter months can cause quite a bit of damage, especially if you are using salt (a big no-no) on your porch, not to mention the weight of snow and ice just sitting on the flat surfaces. Our summer months are also quite damaging to exterior surfaces due to high U.V. exposure and heat.

Wrought Iron Painting Chicago

Wrought Iron Painting of Condo Association Rusted Metal Porch

We Know How To Treat Rusted Metal

Call Greenworks Painting, Inc! We use an extensive preparation method which is sure to keep your wrought iron looking beautiful for many years to come. Our standard preparation includes scraping loose paint and corrosion, hand and/or mechanical wire brushing, and sanding (for adhesion purposes). We then spot prime all previously rusted surfaces (and any bare metal surfaces). We use a combination of industrial grade paints (Sherwin Williams Corothane) which are so durable that they are used on highways and bridges, petro chemical applications, and marine use. 

One of the most important factors of keeping rust at bay is to maintain your metal structure annually. It’s a lot cheaper to maintain your surfaces annually versus fully repainting every 3-5 years (average life span if not maintained)- not to mention costly metal repairs if neglected too long. It typically takes one of our painters one day (or less) to spot treat any developing rust which would prolong the life of your paint and extend the full repaint project another season.

If you’re concerned about rust damaging your wrought iron porch, balcony, fence please call Greenworks Painting, Inc. today for a Free Estimate!

We treat most rusted metal surfaces: porch – fence – hand rail – stairs/steps – balcony – deck – awning – floor


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