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Is it time?

Is it that time to re-stain your exterior deck? Contact me today for a free consultation. I will personally come out and evaluate the condition of your existing coating and offer experienced advice.

Proper cleaning and preparation is the key!

‘BEFORE’ Proper cleaning and preparation is the key!

Which product should I use?


There are typically more options than just one when deciding how to protect your exterior wood surfaces.

After asking you a series of questions and gauging your needs, I will recommend proper cleaning and/or stripping solutions as well as the best finish product that will perform to your expectations. My crew will properly prepare all surfaces and apply all coatings per manufacturer’s recommendations.


'AFTER' Cedar Tone Gold Stain, just gorgeous!

‘AFTER’ Cedar Tone Gold Stain, just gorgeous!

Oil vs Water-Based?

Traditionally I would recommend a natural penetrating oil product but these products have all changed within the past few years due to a environmental ¬†push to manufacture ‘greener’ products. Unfortunately they are not as effective (from my experience and in my opinion) as the oil based products from 5+ years ago. ¬†There are, however, many innovative products that are manufactured for exterior wood surfaces. Again, I will offer the best solution to fit your needs and expectations.

Natural Wood vs Engineered Wood

Have you considered replacing your natural wood deck with engineered composite decking? I’m not going to recommend either one but I will say this, I am quite shocked at how many decks I have looked at within the past couple of years that were re-coats for composite decking. This is quite interesting since it’s supposed to be very low maintenance. Some of the decks I looked at were not even 4 years old and the outer coating had started flaking off and deteriorating. The proper specification for re-coating this surface calls for a water based solid stain, which means you are now having to maintain this coating every couple of years (depending on amount of use).

Check out this awesome garage rooftop space!

Check out this awesome garage rooftop space!


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